Monday, May 31, 2010

Within the Sands of Time

Time is pouring through the hourglass of our lives and every grain of sand that trickles past the narrow space of the here and now is a moment slipping away that will either contain a treasured memory or simply be lost in the shifting passage of current movements as a missed opportunity ..

Monday, May 03, 2010

Eye on the Future ..

What do you feel
When you let go of the wheel,
Can you take a leap of faith,
Will you face the change of pace?

There are worlds out there
Beyond compare ..
Going on a journey
Somewhere far out East ..
We'll find the time to show you
Wonders never cease ..

- Morcheeba -

The weeks are beginning to roll by and become as one long moonlit dream .. I am starting to develop a rhythm and pattern to my days that works with the lifestyle of the brilliant heat of midday sunshine and the cool sea breeze of the evenings ..