Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something for the Weekend

Memory & Migration was an event ..

There were evolving narratives, continually flickering images, static membranes and interactive drawing boards ..

Artists as diverse as Saira Lloyd, Chris Lewis-Jones, Simon Withers, Yelena Popova, Gareth Jones and others installed works for the topical and cohesive theme ..

Oh .. and there was me performing a new piece written especially for the happening ..

The audience enjoyed fine art work around every corner .. themselves a wonderfully receptive group who brought their own memories in interpretation of the performance ..

This weekend is special in many ways .. but here’s a couple other ideas too .. As part of the Farrago Festival of Words 2009, old acquaintance John Paul O'Neil will be hosting the Annual National Poetry Slam - at which I shall be performing, luvvies ..

I was a contestant in their very first Poetry Slam in 1994 along with two others – a poetry team! Interestingly, although I have been a judge, I have not entered a Slam since .. You'll love the garage, house, beatbox, rap, hip-hop and rhyme, the jazz and the soul its just like the last one: a guaranteed good time !

Don’t forget .. if you can’t make it to London, Banks’ Mills in Derby is holding their pre-holidays Open Weekend ..

A chance to peruse the works of dozens of great artists, from fine painters and sculptors to poets and photographers, alongside a selection of talent from web designers to craft makers ..

And of course, don’t forget to watch for Cruiser : Memory and Migration 2 at Deda in Derby January 24th a collection of work forming the basis of the Nottingham show will be exhibited and I will perform Memory Man at the preview ..

.. you can find out more about Cruiser and Artists Travelling Hopefully at :

Or, by looking here ..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last month’s Leicester WORD! was an electrifying poetry-shock live session at the now usual spot in the Y Theatre .. I performed my nearly infamous Pop Star piece .. oh, the requests keep rolling in ..

Steve Tasane of Apples and Snakes Poetry Organisation based in London stopped up for a chat and to perform an eclectic piece of his own ..

There was video .. music .. contests with prizes .. and even little birthday cakes for everyone, to mark the first anniversary of the move to the Y ..

Hosted by one of the most daring and vital women in the East Midlands, Lydia Towsey ..
Photo by Nick Rawle.

WORD! takes place on the first Tuesday evening of every month ..

It’s jazzy and soulful and rock
With country in places
You’ll love the garage burning down the house
The rap the beat box and hip hopping rhyme
'cause every Leicester WORD!
Is a guaranteed good time