Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Riff Raff Festival

As the early evening's dusk draws the curtains on a summer of showers and scattered sunshine, the Riff Raff Festival once again signalled the final wave to a season of festivals, concerts in the park and outdoor events ..

Here I am reminding the gathered crowd that having a home to go to makes these camping weekends all the more enjoyable with my piece Hobo Jungle .. below, Joe Coghlan, a newcomer to the Derby poetry scene presents us with his view on the new Westfield shopping centre ..

Jonezy shined brightly whilst giving us a rhythmic work on relative revelatory profundities and the prolific Michael 'Fierce' Frearson gave us an eagerly consumed taste of (I work for) Cheese ..

All round it was a terrific weekend of entertainment and awareness raising, with some great bands and DJs, a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of spontaneous harmonious events, well prepared and delicious grub on the fire and a lovely cup of chi under the big top ..

Thanks for having me folks ..