Monday, November 03, 2008

Party Time

This past weekend those in the know in the Regional 'Scene' were at Big Blue for Fierce's Party Time gig .. a well-attended eclectic event of spoken word mixed with acoustic song, thumping bass and drums .. a mixed bag of artists, musicians and poets got together to make something happen .. all in, it was a sparkling night with much music, merry and mirth ..

Fierce in Motion ..

Jo Lewis was not only stunningly attired, but played a lyrically uplifting set of quirky melodies ..

Jonezy performed with Health and Safety Executive in a stunning and rapturish session that heard the fastest delivery and coolest guitar of the night ..

Naturally, my appearance included a couple nervously performed new pieces in Rio and She Left Me .. be there for the emotional outbursts of December 6th ..

The audience was enthusiastic and into the groove .. everyone stayed till the end, and that's a good sign .. haha .. many thanks also go to Ashley Smith for the sound system and synch stuff ..

Remember to put Saturday, December 6th at 8pm in your diary for the performance of Xmas on Christmas Island or "Daddy's gone AWOL" .. details to follow ..