Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Up & Coming Website Now On-Line

After much anticipation and subdued fanfare, the Up & Coming website is on-line .. here you can browse the artists and musicians who were involved in the exhibition at Liverpool's Contemporary Urban Centre in July 2007 ..

Here's what they said about me ..

"Wallace’s interests include diamonds, nanotubes and interpreting the geometry of rainbows. Psychedelics and algebraic formula mingle contributing to an informed synergism within his art; a mosaic of possibilities, a pastiche of ancient symbols, a genetic tableau of function.

Utilising acrylic, fabrics, metal and foam, and traditional skills – drawing, sewing, welding and sculpting, Wallace attempts to evoke the past while acknowledging the present, to suggest the possibility of a future based on a shared knowledge of signs; sacred and profane."

I am listed in the U-Z section, and am very pleased to have been involved in this terrific show .. many thanks to Crawley and Ali and all those who arranged and took part in the exhibit at this fabulous new Novas Scarman gallery and community arts centre across from the Albert Dock in the Capital of Culture. Go on have a look ..