Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cold Memories

A few months ago I was invited to submit a piece of work for a small exhibition at the Old Knows Studios in Nottingham entitled ‘Cold War’. A group of local artists were invited to interpret the theme loosely and produce something that collectively would make a statement toward the randomly selected title of title of the show. Here’s what I thought of and exhibited:

It is a painting of a list of names, stencilled as though in newspaper typeface, of people assassinated for their beliefs. I chose this medium to suggest the ‘cold’ blunt reality of death in the face of terror and the systematically organised killing of people who attempt to make a difference in this world .. and to make reference to the way these events are reported.

Through the media and textual analysis we develop an apathetic sense of indifference, or a resigned acceptance of what then become apparently inconsequential acts of violence too often repeated, eventually losing their individual significance .. I hoped this piece would highlight the considerable number of recognizably named people whose lives have been taken for having spoken out against the ‘powers that be’ regardless of personal political persuasion ..

I created the second piece using the same method, but in seven glorious colours, to suggest a hopeful acknowledgement of a shared vision – a movement for improvement in people’s lives, a dream that one-day peace, love and understanding might envelop the world like a rainbow after the storm ..

There is war against terror and a war against those who would provoke and promote that terror, but there is also hope that eventually justice will be done .. however, mainly war is always cold, like the feel of death .. hence, a ‘Cold War’.