Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something for the Weekend

Memory & Migration was an event ..

There were evolving narratives, continually flickering images, static membranes and interactive drawing boards ..

Artists as diverse as Saira Lloyd, Chris Lewis-Jones, Simon Withers, Yelena Popova, Gareth Jones and others installed works for the topical and cohesive theme ..

Oh .. and there was me performing a new piece written especially for the happening ..

The audience enjoyed fine art work around every corner .. themselves a wonderfully receptive group who brought their own memories in interpretation of the performance ..

This weekend is special in many ways .. but here’s a couple other ideas too .. As part of the Farrago Festival of Words 2009, old acquaintance John Paul O'Neil will be hosting the Annual National Poetry Slam - at which I shall be performing, luvvies ..

I was a contestant in their very first Poetry Slam in 1994 along with two others – a poetry team! Interestingly, although I have been a judge, I have not entered a Slam since .. You'll love the garage, house, beatbox, rap, hip-hop and rhyme, the jazz and the soul its just like the last one: a guaranteed good time !

Don’t forget .. if you can’t make it to London, Banks’ Mills in Derby is holding their pre-holidays Open Weekend ..

A chance to peruse the works of dozens of great artists, from fine painters and sculptors to poets and photographers, alongside a selection of talent from web designers to craft makers ..

And of course, don’t forget to watch for Cruiser : Memory and Migration 2 at Deda in Derby January 24th a collection of work forming the basis of the Nottingham show will be exhibited and I will perform Memory Man at the preview ..

.. you can find out more about Cruiser and Artists Travelling Hopefully at :

Or, by looking here ..