Saturday, August 02, 2008


Even with all the excitement of recent events and the work that has been put into the various exhibitions and poetry gigs I've been involved with recently, I've still tried to get out and about to see a few sights this summer.

One of the most interesting places to visit in the region is the stunning Coventry Cathedral. Although initially laid out almost 800 years ago, it was built onto in stages over several centuries, and had a grand design with bell tower - still ringing in the changes around town.

However, it is perhaps now most notable for the fact it was bombed during WWII and subsequently rebuilt in the style seen above. The architecture of the original structure was incorporated into the new Cathedral to create the postmodern composition of this tremendous icon to survival and regeneration. Filled with magnificent artwork that compliments the design and beautiful chapels that play with the light and space to generate a sense of the awe and wonder of the human spirit, this cathedral harmonises the contemporary interior with its ancient exterior in a balance that reveals the enduring significance of the nature of worship.

I would recommend a day out in Coventry to anyone with an interest in history, from the cathedral to Lady Godiva to some terrific Tudor pubs the town has a lot to offer, and getting there can be a pleasant drive through the lovely countryside.

Here is a little picture of St Thomas' Cathedral in Portsmouth, to help illustrate the discussion in the comments section .. please feel free to read the accompanying text to understand. I think it is quite interesting, and perhaps worth a visit for the history and variation in architectural styles.